8 Bizarre Celebrity Conspiracy Theories (Video)

People around the world love to follow all of the antics of celebrities. Whether they are stars who have earned their time in the spotlight or have fallen into fame by being born into wealth and/or prestige, celebrities have the ability to hold the collective attention.

From Paris Hilton and the Kardashians to Elvis and Tom Cruise, all kinds of celebrities are unable to make a single move without it being captured and announced in the presses. Go grocery shopping, wear a new designer outfit, get divorced, go out to dinner… many celebrities have their every move, however mundane, documented and obsessed over.

But there’s another element to fame that’s even more bizarre: the celebrity conspiracy theory.

Take Marilyn Monroe’s death, for example. The rumors that she did not die accidentally but was assassinated by the CIA, mafia, or some other group have persisted for decades. It has led to dozens upon dozens of theories and publications, and spawned endless dialogue online and amongst fans. Though some experts have spoken out and tried to put the conspiracy theories to rest, they persist.

This fascination with Monroe’s death is but one of many celebrity conspiracy theories that have endured over the years.