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The Best Looks from the 2015 Tony Awards

Kendall Jenner Tony Awards

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Now that we’ve gotten movie and TV awards out of the way, it’s time for Broadway to shine a spotlight on the cream of the crop that appeared onstage in NYC this year. Yes, it’s time for the Tony Awards.

Ironically, there was a huge turnout of TV and film celebs who presented, accepted and attended the awards this year, showing that no one is too cool to tip their hat to a good musical and the talent that makes it happen.

As with all award shows, the gowns were out in full-force, and there was an obvious theme on the red carpet of floral patterns, abstract prints, metallic and satin finish fabrics, and, of course, navy blue.

Check out our 11 favorite celebrity looks at the Tony Awards this year, what they wore, and why it was so on-point.

1. Kendall Jenner

Young and fresh-faced, Kendall Jenner donned a plush and peachy Calvin Klein mini-dress while she made her way down the red carpet before the show. Both sleek and sophisticated, the garment was backless, complimenting her model-esque physique and creamy skin.