X-Men: Apocalypse Worth Watching Despite Critic Reviews

X-Men: Apocalypse Worth Watching Despite Critic Reviews

Photo Credit: ScreenRant

X-Men: Apocalypse, released in theaters nationwide on May 27, follows the critically acclaimed hit, X-Men: Days of Future Past. Director Bryan Singer returns, and it features a trio of acclaimed actors: Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence.

But as with so many sequels, it mostly fails to live up to the hype, at least according to critics. The good news is that experts say it offers award-worthy special effects and all of the usual superhero movie thrills, including mass destruction of iconic landmarks.

The bad news? Critic David Sims sums up the thoughts of many of his colleagues, writing that “the latest entry in the long-running comic-book franchise shows how much it’s been outstripped by its superhero-movie rivals,” though he dislikes it more than most, calling it a “calamitous dud.”

Perhaps the professional critics were a bit too harsh, however, as the average moviegoer seems to have left quite a bit more satisfied, including Rotten Tomatoes “Super Reviewer,” Luke Eberhard.

Luke writes, “The newest entry in the X-Men franchise is by far the most ambitious to date. Once again it’s led by an incredibly talented cast of colorful characters, along with the aid of Bryan Singer’s signatory slick direction and investing enough time with almost each and every character on screen giving them a memorable role to play within the overall film. Though the film isn’t as compelling as the best films in the franchise, I still think it’s a worthy addition especially when putting all our favorite familiar characters up against Oscar Isaac’s unstoppable villain.”

Jens S. liked it too, noting that all the “casting decisions turned out to be just perfect,” and that overall, it was “handled relatively well.” He summed up his thoughts by writing, “Not a flawless film by any means and probably the weakest of the new trilogy, but a highly entertaining and rewarding one nonetheless.”

The best advice, if you plan to see it, may be to adjust your expectations accordingly — just sit back and enjoy the entertainment as Dawn Burkes of the Dallas Morning News recommends, explaining that it’s clearly a “setup,” but one that is still worth watching.