11 Shows You Didn’t Know Were Spin-Offs

90210 and Melrose

Check out these past and present TV spin-offs that you probably thought were originals.

1. Beverly Hills, 90210 / Melrose Place (FOX)

Beverly Hills, 90210 was a prime time teen drama that swirled around the oh-so-complicated lives of teens as they made their way through high school and college in one of the most affluent zip codes in the U.S. Grant Show’s character Jake Hanson was introduced by Kelly (Jenny Garth) in the original 90210‘s second season, and he lived at Melrose Place.

Geared towards an audience of college kids and adults who could figuratively empathize with the trials and tribulations of attempting to ‘make it’ in LA, Melrose Place featured stunning performances by Heather Locklear, Marcia Cross, and then teen heartthrob, Andrew Shue. Melrose Place and Beverly Hills, 90210 were very successful and lasted seven and ten seasons respectively. However, the later spin-offs 90210 (2008 for five seasons) and Melrose Place (2009 for one season) didn’t fare as well, and ended up being nixed pretty quickly.