New Tremors TV Series to Star Kevin Bacon

New Tremors TV Series to Star Kevin Bacon

Photo Credit: A.V. Club

Award winning actor Kevin Bacon, 57, of Footloose and A Few Good Men fame has finally confirmed rumors that he is to star in the new Tremors series.

Kevin will once again play the role of Val McKee, a handyman turned monster-hunter.

This is not the first time that Tremors has been made into a series for television, as a spin off was made in 2003, following on from where Tremors 3 Back to Perfection left off.

At the moment it is unclear whether the Tremors TV series will be a spin-off again or a retelling of the Tremors movies but it has been announced that the series will be written by Andrew Miller, screenwriter of The Secret Circle fame.

Emmy award winner Jason Blum, who has produced over 75 movies including Paranormal Activity and Insidious and TV series including The River, announced on Twitter that he will be working with Kevin Bacon on the Tremors series:

This news coincides with a 25 year anniversary of the original 1990 Tremors movie, which is particularly being marked in Scotland this week with special screenings of the movie and promotion of the book “Seeking Perfection – The Unofficial Guide to Tremors” which features interviews of the movie’s writers, directors and Kevin Bacon himself.

Celebrations have recently also taken place in LA with a 25th anniversary cast and crew book signing event.

Although the first Tremors movie wasn’t a massive Box Office success, it could now be defined as a ‘cult classic’. The movie focuses on natives of a small town defending themselves against attacks from odd worm-like creatures.

The charisma of the characters in the sci-fi horror/comedy, has received a lot of praise amongst critics as has the humor of the movie. It also led to four follow-up movies and a prequel.

Fans are naturally delighted at the news that Kevin Bacon will reprise his role: