The Witch Is Resurrected for More Horror

The Witch Is Resurrected for More Horror

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Tired of all of those so-called “scary” movies that are simply going through the motions, offering up the cinematic equivalent of junk food?

Well, for those that missed it the first time, as well as movie-goers who just want to re-live the terror, The Witch returned to theaters on Friday, April 1.

But if you hope to see it on the big screen, you’ll need to hurry as it will disappear as quickly as it arrived, it’s here only through the weekend.

A film “so f’d up, Satan would see it twice,” as Mashable so memorably reviewed it, it’s likely to be worth your effort to get there.

Critic consensus, according to Rotten Tomatoes, is that the film which has a 90% meter rating, is as “thought-provoking as it is visually compelling,” delivering a “deeply unsettling exercise in slow-building horror that suggests great things for debuting writer-director Robert Eggers.”

If you’re waiting for something better to come along in terms of frights, you’re unlikely to find it this year – and, watching it at home, doesn’t quite do it justice as Indiewire’s Kate Erbland points out, writing, “It’s a moody, terrifying time at the movies, and it should be seen in a dark theater filled with an audience that is positively losing their minds.”

Fans of spooky, stylish, supernatural horror, will be kicking themselves for not going, while those that do can expect one of the best horror movies in recent history.

Melbourne, Australia’s Herald Sun doesn’t disagree. “A slow and sinister exercise in ever-escalating dread, The Witch is quite unlike any other horror movie you have ever seen. Or felt.”

“Meticulous in detail and addictively mystifying in overall execution, this stupefying chiller draws an array of intense reactions with great subtlety, precision and power,” reviewer Leigh Paatsch adds.

While it may be spring and Halloween is still months away, now is the time to see this New England folktale that will draw you in so completely, you’re not likely to ever forget it.