The Revenant Brings Oscar Buzz for Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio The Revenant

Photo Credit: Getty Images

While Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been stealing all of the headlines, The Revenant is garnering rave reviews — largely due to Leonardo DiCaprio’s amazing performance.

In fact, the film, which had a limited release on Christmas Day before it goes nationwide on January 8, is being called “a masterpiece.”

DiCaprio has been called the best actor to never win an Oscar — he’s been nominated five times, including for last year’s The Wolf of Wall Street, as well as The Aviator, Blood Diamond and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

But things just might turn around for the film’s star in 2016.

Some on Twitter have pegged The Revenant as the film to give DiCaprio his first Oscar.

The film is inspired by Michael Punke’s novel of the same name, which was itself drawn from the true story of 19th-century American frontiersman Hugh Glass, who is played by DiCaprio.

The “long, gripping journey through an unforgiving landscape of exploration and brutal survival,” writes, is “more incredible for not needing 3D glasses or a virtual reality helmet to let moviegoers feel fully dropped into the beautiful, cold, bloody thick of it.”

The site adds that the long underrated physical actor is “so convincing as a bear-attack victim driven to animalistic ends that you’ll believe he’d set his own throat on fire with gunpowder to cauterize a wound or, conversely, stick out his tongue to catch a snowflake in a rare moment of restful levity.”

Reddit users have been praising DiCapro’s co-star, Tom Hardy, with one noting, “Hardy is epic, of course. He has the benefit of much more dialogue than DiCaprio. But here he takes a pretty stock two-dimensional villain and really makes him compelling.”

Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, who won an Oscar for Birdman may get a nod for his work here as well. notes: “Lubezki’s latest effort, The Revenant, is yet another in a string of visually stunning films shot by the cinematographer that are as remarkable for their virtuosity as they are for being seamless interpretations of his directors’ visions.”