The Kinks Reunite on Stage

The Kinks Reunite on Stage

Photo Credit: Vogue UK

Former member of The Kinks Dave Davies amazed his London audience this weekend by bringing a surprise guest onto the stage – his brother, Ray.

Ray and Dave Davies are notorious for decades of sibling rivalry. They have been reported, back in the day, as fighting on stage and even during recordings at studios.

Recently they have had disagreements regarding their West End musical Sunny Afternoon, and Dave even claims Ray once stomped on his birthday cake during a party!

The brothers performed one of their biggest hits together, “You Really Got Me,” at the Assembly Hall, Islington, for the first time in nearly two decades!

The crowd, who were already in high spirits, were clearly delighted by the very rare opportunity to see the feuding brothers put aside their musical differences as they sang along at the top of their voices.

Following the recent 50 year anniversary tour by The Who and the ongoing Rolling Stones tour, fans of the 60’s Brit rock scene are hoping that the performance by The Kinks at the Assembly Hall is an indication that there will finally be a tour. Dave has expressed an interest for a reunion tour to happen previously. He is also hoping to see Ray over Christmas, drink a pint with him and talk about some business matters. Dave is clearly hoping to put aside their previous differences, even though he admits he usually finds it difficult to be in the same room as Ray for any length of time. If a tour does follow, it will mark over five decades since You Really Got Me was released.

Whether or not the tour does happen, the brothers will definitely be seeing more of each other in 2016, as a movie about The Kinks is planned, the filming is scheduled to begin next March.