The Darkness: More Sleep Inducing Than Fear Producing

The Darkness: More Sleep Inducing Than Fear Producing

Photo Credit: Deadline

Kevin Bacon and Jennifer Morrison co-star in this horror flick about a family who returns from their Grand Canyon vacation only to find that they brought some unexpected guests back home with them. Released nationwide on Friday the 13th, perhaps another date would have been more appropriate for this one, as it needs all the luck in can get when it comes to bringing in the box office bucks.

Peter Sobczynski sums it up for, writing: “Most bad horror films offer viewers long stretches of screen time where nothing much happens, which are then occasionally punctuated by brief moments of bloody mayhem deployed to keep viewers vaguely interested in the proceedings. The Darkness, on the other hand, is a horror film made up of long stretches of time in which nothing much of anything happens, and is only occasionally punctuated by brief bursts of pure, concentrated boredom.”

The Darkness might just put you to sleep faster than a cup of warm milk and a cozy bed, or at least make you wish that’s what you were doing, instead of sitting in the darkness of the theater.

Peter concludes his one-star review noting that film is “pretty much a total bust — it isn’t scary, it isn’t exciting and it plods along at such a snails pace that even though it clocks in at just over 90 minutes, it plays like it runs at least twice that.”

Horror fans, so far, have not received it well either, with Chris Ober writing on IMDB, “Yet another movie that if you are in desperate need of a date night horror movie or want to have a ‘bad movie’ day/night, well, you have your winner.”

The film’s co-writer and director Greg McLean, of Wolf Creek fame, told Entertainment Weekly that he was “inspired by real events, or at least actual tales of unpleasantness.”

He explained, “I was reading about people that had taken objects from the Grand Canyon, and then bad luck started to unfold.”

Unfortunately for Greg, it seems he’s the one that bad luck rubbed off on.