Supergirl Airs a Successful Pilot

Supergirl Airs a Successful Pilot

Photo Credit: Screen Rant

A pilot episode of the forthcoming superhero series Supergirl has received favorable reactions at Sunday’s Comic Con event which took place in New York.

Mehcad Brooks, who played Matthew Applewhite in Desperate Housewives was on hand to discuss the show, as was Peter Facinelli, who played Dr Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight movies. Mehcad described the fans as “the best in the world” on Instagram.

In Supergirl, Mehcad plays the main role of James “Jimmy” Olsen who is a photographer for CatCo. (In the original Superman movies he worked for the Daily Planet newspaper). He is also a love interest for Kara (alias Supergirl).

Peter plays the role of Maxwell Lord who is a tech mogul fascinated by Supergirl.

Executive producer Ali Adler also discussed the series, saying that it isn’t just for females.

Supergirl/Kara is played by Melissa Benoist, who played Marley Rose in Glee. Melissa has previously expressed delight at being cast for the main role.

In the Supergirl TV series, Kara is the biological cousin of Superman and one of the last survivors from the planet Krypton. At the age of 24, with her Earth family (The Danvers) being aware of her powers, she has to learn to embrace these gifts rather than to hide them. When she is not in costume using her powers, she is also Cat Grant’s assistant at the media conglomerate CatCo.

The new Supergirl series is aiming to be fun and realistic, rather than replicating the tone of other recent darker superhero programs. It is said to be trying to keep the tone of the original Richard Donner directed Superman movies which starred Christopher Reeve in the main role of Clark Kent, alias Superman.

Despite being inspired by the tone of the original Superman movies, the character of Superman did not appear in the pilot.

Supergirl flies to our screens on October 26 on CBS.