Classic New Bond Film Spectre in Theaters This Weekend

Classic New Bond Film Spectre in Theaters This Weekend

Photo Credit: IGN

James Bond is back for a 24th film, proving you definitely don’t only live twice. Spectre is one of the most expensive movies ever made and while there aren’t a whole lot of surprises, it is truly a Bond classic.

This is Daniel Craig’s fourth outing as 007 – and he’s said it will be his last. Skyfall’s Naomie Harris returns as Moneypenny with Harry Potter Star Ralph Fiennes as the newly appointed M, Gareth Mallory, and Ben Whishaw is back as Q.

Matrix star Monica Bellucci and French actress Lea Seydoux are the Bond girls, while Django Unchained star Christoph Waltz is the super-villain, Franz Oberhauser.

The nearly two-and-a-half hour film is the longest of all 24 Bond movies, but is it worth sitting through?

Spectre features everything you’d expect from a great Bond film: exotic locations, incredible gadgets, beautiful women, stunts and a new Aston Martin, along with a sprinkling of humor.

There’s a car with an ejector seat, straight out of Goldfinger. A fight on a train that nods to From Russia With Love, along with plenty of vodka martinis and sleek hideouts that most of us have come to expect since Dr. No.

There are a few new treats, albeit no real surprises, including the single, sinuous camera shot that starts the audience off at a Day of the Dead parade as 007stalks his prey through the celebration in a near perfect opening for Bond.

One of the biggest complaints surrounding the film is about the title song. Sam Smith’s “The Writing’s on the Wall” is being called an “ill-fitted,” “falsetto screeching” miss, especially considering Adele’s Oscar-winning “Skyfall.”

Spectre continues just after the events of Skyfall, with a message left by his former M sending Bond on a global journey in search of the mysterious German, Oberhauser, whom 007 thought was long dead. In the meantime, the 00 unit has been under threat of being dismantled by a new global security outfit that wants to get their nose in everyone’s business, leading Bond and M to fight a two-front battle.

Whether or not Daniel is finished for good, Christoph, who adds just the right of snobbish villainy in his bad guy role, is predicted to be back for more – and so will Bond fans.

Critics are already hailing it as one of the best Bond flicks yet, though perhaps just short of Skyfall, with director Sam Mendes at the helm helping to bring a touch of class.

Spectre premiered in theaters everywhere on November 6.