Sir Paul McCartney Surprises London Audience

Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Sir Paul McCartney surprised his audience at the London O2 Arena on the weekend by inviting none other than Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl to join him on stage.

Dave joined Sir Paul for the Beatles song “I Saw Her Standing There,” playing guitar and singing along to the chorus.

And the duo had another surprise up their sleeves, singing the cult classic track “Temporary Secretary” – a song that hasn’t been played live in 35 years!

The two have met before and performed together at the 2009 Grammy Awards with Dave on drums.

Sir Paul, 72, is no stranger to surprising audiences. The legend performed an unexpected, first come first served gig at New York’s Irving Plaza on Valentine’s Day, keeping fans entertained with his energetic performances of songs including “Eight Days,” “Jet” and “My Valentine.”

He also participated in an unlikely collaboration with singer Rihanna (27) and rapper Kanye West (37) for the song “Four Five Seconds.” The trio donned black suits for a performance of the track at the Grammy awards.

This song was his second collaboration with Kanye. The first, “Only One,” was inspired by the Beatles song “Let It Be,” Kanye has revealed.

Kanye has something of a reputation for causing controversy, but Sir Paul describes him as a “good, fun guy to be around.”