15 TV Shows to Binge Watch

Orange is the New black

Photo Credit: CNN

‘Tis the season to bundle up in front of the TV and watch some of your favorite series on DVD or via iTunes, Netflix, Shomi, etc…While there are gold standards like Friends and Lost, there are more modern shows out there that can captivate audiences for hours on end all the same. Here are our top picks for shows to binge watch in 2016.

Orange is the New Black

Okay, besides the fact that it’s like Oz with a dash of Juno and killer side stories, Orange is the New Black really has its own awesome formula down to a science. This fascinating glimpse into the world of Piper Chapman, a former lesbian/entrepreneur/drug mule/male journalist’s fiance, unfolds as she enters a women’s prison for what could be years.

We won’t spoil it for you, but the show airs exclusively on Netflix, is in its third season and has fetched a slew of award nominations so far, including Emmy Awards and Golden Globes.