Adam Sandler’s Ridiculous Six Now on Netflix – But Is It Worth Watching?

Adam Sandler’s Ridiculous Six Now on Netflix - But Is It Worth Watching?

Photo Credit: Rolling Stone

Adam Sandler’s Netflix-exclusive movie, The Ridiculous Six, was released December 11. The film, a parody of the Magnificent Seven, follows a Native American and his five half-brothers in their attempt to rescue their kidnapped father.

With its star-studded cast that includes regular Rob Schneider along with Luke Wilson, Taylor Lautner, Danny Trejo, Jorge Garcia and Terry Crews, as well as being a production marred by controversy, many are curious to see what Adam Sandler has to offer the audience with this one.

Earlier this year, Indian Country Today reported that Native American extras that were hired to play “Apache characters” walked off the set due to the “culturally offensive” nature of the movie’s humor. The majority were actually Navajo and didn’t appreciate the “childishly stupid names” they were given, such as No Bra and Beaver’s Breath.

They also objected to “an actress portraying an Apache woman squatting and urinating while smoking a peace pipe, and feathers inappropriately positioned on a teepee.”

Still, Adam told Variety that Netflix “was very supportive” and had his back the entire time, noting, “We were just trying to make as good of a western as we could make and we tried to make it as funny as we could make it.”

But did they accomplish funny?

The answer is mostly no, unless you happen to be a huge fan of Adam’s brand of comedy. One reviewer, Peter DiDonato for, says the offensiveness is not the problem, the “biggest problem is that it’s just boring.”

Peter adds, “When the jokes aren’t horrendously juvenile grossout gags like donkey diarrhea or someone trying to gouge their own eye out, they just fall flat.”

A self-professed Adam Sandler fan, joshuaDee, who cherishes the Saturday Night Live alum’s cult classics writes on IMBD that while he probably wouldn’t watch it again, he wouldn’t tell somebody not to watch.

“It’s all (the) silliness you’d expect in a Happy Madison picture.”