Rage Against the Machine Forms New Supergroup

Rage Against the Machine Forms New Supergroup

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Following the launch of a mysterious countdown website called ProphetsofRage.com earlier this week, members of Rage Against the Machine have reportedly formed a new supergroup with rappers Chuck D (of Public Enemy) and B-Real (of Cypress Hill). The counter on the site is set for June 1, but what exactly it’s counting down to is unclear.

Yesterday, Billboard reported the group will perform live for the first time on June 3 in their hometown of Los Angeles. The June 1 date may be a new song or album, perhaps a tour announcement, or something more politically motivated.

Rage Against the Machine along with both Chuck D and B-Real have been involved in political activism and leftist viewpoints during their musical careers. With an extremely divisive election looming, it seems only natural that RATM would choose now to start something and have their voices heard once again.

Their movement has been dubbed #TakeThePowerBack, which is already being utilized by fans and music journalists alike, giving their two cents on the super group’s formation.

The buzz surrounding Prophets of Rage and the countdown page when it launched was so great their website crashed almost immediately.

Numerous posters have also been popping up all over Los Angeles in anticipation of the June 1 date, a viral marketing technique that has worked for artists such as Kanye West and Foo Fighters.

The website’s appearance has sparked rumors of a reunion with original singer, Zack de la Rocha, who has been notably absent from previous reunions thus far. As of now, however, it appears that Zack will not be returning, instead focusing on his solo career and other musical projects.