Possible Oscar Nomination for Jennifer Lawrence in Joy

Possible Oscar Nomination for Jennifer Lawrence in Joy

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Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence stars alongside Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper, Edgar Ramirez, Isabella Rosselini Diane Ladd and Virginia Madsen in Joy.

Jennifer’s character in the much-anticipated dramedy, tries to make something of herself after she skipped college to help her parents through their divorce, so she opens up her own business. Her character’s dad, played by Robert De Niro, explains, “It’s my fault. I gave her the confidence to think that she was more than just an unemployed housewife.”

The Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg says that the new film is “the J-Law show from start to finish, offering the Oscar winner a chance to play an underappreciated everywoman…who blossoms into a great success as an entrepreneur, as every woman—or man—likes to imagine they could do.”

J-Law already received a Golden Globe nomination for her work in Joy, and Scott writes that she’s a “slam-dunk” to land her third Oscar nomination.

While it’s not as “polished” as writer-director David O. Russell’s other films, Scott notes that that’s not to say that it isn’t entertaining or won’t appeal to many people – in fact, he writes that it could even land a “best pic nom” by riding Jennifer’s goodwill.

Like her character Joy, Jennifer says she also knows something about overcoming the odds.

The actress told Fox News, “I certainly know how hard it is to make your dreams come true, and I had to fight tooth and nail, and be told ‘no’ a million times. And I also know the flipside of success. It’s very fun and it’s an honor, but there’s an ugly side to it as well.”

Jennifer also said that David was the perfect person to capture the unseen side of success.

“David really found this truth in women,” she says. “Joy has a family, and she’s given up so much of her life for so long for her family — gladly — and she loves them dearly. But at the same time she has her own desires and has her own dreams. And that’s OK. It’s OK to have your own aspirations and push forward.”

It’s not all merriment and joy when it comes to the reviews of the film, however, despite Jennifer’s outstanding performance.

Empire writes, “Another dazzling Jennifer Lawrence performance anchors a blue-collar parable that boasts some inspired moments but never quite gels.”

Cinemablend’s Sean O’Connell says that it “feels more like Silver Linings than American Hustle (which is good), but a transcendent Jennifer Lawrence performance can’t quite clean up all of the movie’s messes.”

Joy was released nationwide on December 25.