Fan Petitions for Deadpool to Host SNL

Fan Petitions for Deadpool to Host SNL

Photo Credit: Cinemablend

Last weekend, Deadpool exceeded projections and expectations for its Valentine’s Day opening weekend at the box office. The Merc with a Mouth raked in $152 million dollars over the holiday weekend, with the largest February opening on record.

Now, a fan of the popular comic book anti-hero is petitioning Saturday Night Live creator, Lorne Michaels, to have Deadpool host the show. Andrew Stege, created a petition four weeks ago, and now has over 49,000 out of his goal of 50,000 signatures needed. Once he reaches his goal, the recipients of the petition letter, Lorne Michaels, Saturday Night Live, Ryan Reynolds, and NBC Universal, can publicly respond to the petition or Stege directly.

While no fictional character has ever hosted the show before, SNL execs have been open to fan suggestions for hosts. In 2012, they created the hashtag #SNLhost to crowdsource ideas for hosts and #SNLmusic for musical guests.

Although creators of the Deadpool movie could have utilized an SNL appearance to promote the film before its opening, they could certainly piggyback on the success it has already enjoyed. Seeing as it’s election season, maybe Deadpool could host a republican debate with Darrell Hammond returning as Donald Trump. Who knows what kind of shenanigans that would cause?

Deadpool is known for breaking the 4th wall and his vulgar sense of humor, both of which would provide some interesting challenges for SNL. However, as petition creator Stege mentions in his letter, there are “endless possibilities” when it comes to utilizing Deadool’s humor within the show. One petition signer threw out a hilarious idea to have Deadpool “with a wig and costume on over his normal costume.” Stege also suggests they “have some Deadpool interpretive dancing while the musical guest was playing.”

Currently, ratings are at their lowest point in the forty year history of the show, down by almost 50% from where they were even a year ago. With all the hype surrounding the Deadpool movie and its clever viral marketing campaign, the idea may be just what SNL needs.