CBS Passes on Nancy Drew Pilot for Being Too Female

CBS Passes on Nancy Drew Pilot for Being Too Female

Photo Credit: Getty Images

CBS has been in the process of developing a Nancy Drew show called Drew since last year, but now the network has passed on the concept because it “skewed too female for CBS’ schedule.”

The development process included some of the casting, which landed actress Sarah Shahi the role of the grown up Nancy Drew.

The show would have featured Nancy as an NYPD detective in adulthood, “where she investigates and solves crimes using her uncanny observational skills, all while navigating the complexities of life in a modern world.” (Naturally.)

The problem with the female skewed audience supposedly has something to do with the time scheduling. “The network had no 8 PM or 9 PM slot available,” which is when they would want a woman skewed show to air to keep their ratings as high as possible.

Women and men alike who were looking forward to watching the new show have been communicating their displeasure that CBS didn’t pick it up on Twitter. They even had #nancydrew and #toofemale trending.

However just because CBS does not feel that they have room for the show does not necessarily mean that it’s hit the end of the line. Deadline reports that Drew is “being shopped to other outlets by CBS TV Studios.”

There seems to be quite a bit of shuffling around at the moment. CBS recently moved Supergirl over to The CW, which could be seen as another move to get rid of a female skewed show, but also as a unifying one as it will join other DC Comic shows on the new network. The CW is also currently home to The Flash and Arrow.

Some of the recent shows to be picked up by CBS include MacGyver, Training Day, Man With A Plan, and The Great Indoors.