Marvel’s Jessica Jones Makes Its Much-Anticipated Netflix Debut

Marvel’s Jessica Jones Makes Its Much-Anticipated Netflix Debut

Photo Credit: Comic Vine

The much-anticipated Netflix debut of Marvel’s Jessica Jones was released on Friday, November 20 to mostly rave reviews. The second of four planned series to debut on the streaming site – including Daredevil and the upcoming Luke Cage and Iron FistJessica Jones looks to be the darkest adaptation to date.

The series is based on writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos’ “Alias” comic book series, while Melissa Roseburg runs the show as executive producer. Krysten Ritter stars as Jessica, a superhero-turned-private eye who feels her powers wane after a tragic incident leaves her with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Krysten, the L.A. Times notes, is “perfectly cast,” in the role for which Melissa Roseburg was tasked with rewriting the definition of superhuman. Jones, says the Times, “is a woman granted extraordinary strength and, apparently, the ability to fly. But it’s her superhumanity, rather than her superpowers, that makes the show so riveting.”

“Ritter has done for Jessica Jones what Robert Downey, Jr. did for Tony Stark; though her character is deeply flawed, Ritter pulls off the role with such charisma and gravitas that it’s impossible not to be invested in her struggles,” writes Comic Book Resources. “Ritter boasts an impressive range here, shifting from Jess’ snarky swagger to her deep-seated self-loathing and insecurity to her full blown panic in the blink of an eye — and she sells every single moment without missing a beat.”

Variety critic Mo Ryan says in her review that the series is “not just a contender for the title of Best Marvel-related TV Property; in a supremely crowded TV scene, it is one of the year’s most distinctive new dramas.”

And, that assessment is much in part to Krysten’s performance as the “prickly, damaged and deeply conflicted private eye who nonetheless manages to radiate wit and charisma, even when she’s at her most antagonistic,” writes Variety’s Laura Prudom.

Variety asked Krysten during an interview if playing the first Marvel superhero to lead her own show or movie creates added pressure, or if she sees it as an opportunity?

The 33-year-old explained, “Yeah, I just see it as opportunity and it’s so exciting. I feel really lucky that everything lined up for me to play her. You know, they’ve been developing this show for a long time. It’s so exciting. I love that I’m not in a superhero costume. It’s great, character-driven television besides being part of the Marvel world. I’m really proud of it and it’s just thrilling.”

But Krysten isn’t the only great thing about Jones. Comic Book Sources also notes that “fans of the comics will be delighted with this adaptation” of Bendis and Gaydos’ “Alias” series, adding that the “references and nods to the comic will leave longtime fans cheering.”