Bus on London’s Lambeth Bridge in Flames for Movie Stunt

Bus on London's Lambeth Bridge in Flames for Movie Stunt

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

A special effects team left some Londoners confused on Sunday, by blowing up a bus on Lambeth Bridge in London’s center as part of a stunt for an upcoming movie.

Although a lot of people quickly learned of the stunt, mainly through clarification on Twitter, it unfortunately caused some distress and surprise for people who were not aware of the movie or on Twitter, as they believed the stunt was for real.

Locals had however been notified with detailed posters that were on display in various places nearby including offices and flats.

The Port of London Authority had also confirmed the stunt was for a film and that the bridge was closed off.

A Twitter notification had explained that the explosion was controlled and operated by the special effects team.

The exploding red double-decker bus was part of a scene from upcoming movie The Foreigner which stars martial arts legend Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan of James Bond fame.

The action thriller is a tale of revenge and is based on the 1992 book The Chinaman which was written by Stephen Leather.

Jackie Chan stars as Quan, a man whose family are taken by the IRA. As he has no help from the police, he decides to take matters into his own hands.

Pierce Brosnan plays the part of Liam Hennessy, a government official who is a former IRA member.

The Foreigner is directed by Martin Campbell who has worked with Pierce Brosnan previously on the Bond film Goldeneye. Other films he has directed include The Legend of Zorro and Edge of Darkness.

Jackie Chan, who has starred in over 100 movies is also filming Kung Fu Yoga this year, which in contrast to The Foreigner is an action/adventure/comedy about a professor of archaeology who teams up with a beautiful Indian professor to locate lost treasure.