June TV Premieres You Won’t Want to Miss

June TV Premieres You Won't Want to Miss

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Now that Memorial Day is in the past, it’s time to look forward to all of those great summer TV premieres. Even if you just said goodbye to your favorite show, June offers plenty of don’t-miss series and season premieres to help fill what’s missing, including these.

Ride with Norman Reedus

We know that there are plenty of The Walking Dead fans who are going through Daryl withdrawal, but don’t worry, Ride with Norman Reedus is here to bring at least some relief. The new series premieres on AMC June 12, and will feature the avid motorcyclist exploring the bike culture on the road, traveling to a different city in each one of the initial six episodes.

What can you expect? Well, Norman told Entertainment Weekly, “It’s not a gearhead show where we’re talking about this and that. There’s a little bit of that, but it’s more of a journey. I take a person and we go on a journey, and we experience things together. They show me their town on motorcycles, and we explore new towns on motorcycles. It’s been a real gypsy-esque adventure that’s just a ton of fun.”

Orange Is the New Black

If you zipped through season three like most Orange Is the New Black fans, you’ve been waiting a very long time for the next. The good news is that this month it’s finally here!

You can ease back into it (or, you know, binge the whole season all at once) by watching Netflix’s most popular original series starting on June 17. With last season bringing in a new busload of prisoners, you can expect a number of new faces along with your old favorites.

While it looked as though Alex was about to die after facing off with one of Kubra’s assassins, it seems she is alive, well and won’t be going anywhere soon.

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is returning for its seventh season on June 21. The “liars” are now all grown up, promising even scarier, darker threats than before.

We recently learned that Brant Daughtery will be reprising his role as Noel Kahn, and executive producer Marlene King confirmed via Twitter that at least one Rosewood couple will be tying the knot.

Big Brother

The long-running reality TV series Big Brother debuts its 18th season on CBS on June 22. Spoilers have been floating around for a while now, teasing that this will be an All-Star season, perhaps Big Brother All Stars 2?

That means there could be returning players, along with big names in sports and entertainment — it’s rumored that actors, athletes, dancers and singers may all be a part of the cast. Of course, we’ll have to wait for premiere night to find out.

American Gothic

Premiering on June 22 on CBS, this new dark drama will fit the bill for those looking for goose bumps this summer. Set in Boston, it centers on a prominent family that just underwent a chilling discovery that linked their recently deceased patriarch to an infamous string of murders.


Cameron Crowe’s television debut is his latest love letter to music, going behind the scenes to tell a story that’s not often told — similar to Almost Famous, but placed in current times. The comedy series, premiering on Showtime on June 26, focuses on roadies, played by Imogen Poots, Carla Gugino and Luke Wilson, without whom live concerts wouldn’t be possible.