Game of Thrones Piracy and Parodies Prove Its Popularity

Game of Thrones Piracy

Photo Credit: Getty Images

HBO’s Game of Thrones is continuing to prove its hugely popular appeal, with over two million illegal downloads made of the most recent episode Kill The Boy in countries ranging from the U.S. to Australia!

Avoiding spoilers has yet again proved tough for fans waiting for the genuine airing of the show.

This is not the first time they had to avoid these, particularly on social media – a breach also occurred in April when pirates leaked four episodes from Season 5 the day before its April 12 debut.

Piracy is not the only indication of the show’s popularity though. Sales of meat bones, liver, oxtail and the drink mead have unexpectedly – and much to the delight of supermarkets – risen in the U.K. as British fans replicate the feasts eaten by the characters in the show!

The Queen of England herself is getting in on the action too, visiting the set of the show recently accompanied by Prince Philip. The pair met members of the cast and production team at Paint Hall Studios in Belfast, Northern Ireland where the series is partly filmed.

The show has a range of other famous fans including rapper Snoop Dogg, and parodies ranging from Robot Chicken to Sesame Street are also a good indication of Game of Thrones’ success.

The appeal of the show is believed to be the unique blend of fantasy, adult themes and reality; the timeless concept of the fight for power amongst different families; and viewers’ need for escapism.

The characters and plots get a lot of praise and although often described as a cult show, viewing figures are proving far more than the traditional ‘cult’ following – with 19 million viewers in the U.S. alone!