Stars Bid Farewell to Iconic House of Blues Venue

Stars Bid Farewell to Iconic House of Blues Venue

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The House of Blues on Sunset Strip hosted its final star-studded show on Monday evening, prior to closing its doors for the final time early Tuesday morning. The venue, recognizable for its front porch roof-topped tower and fiery heart symbol, played host to celebs including rockers Steel Panther, Extreme’s Nuno Bettencourt and Miley Cyrus and her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. Celebs who had come along to watch in the audience included Nickleback’s Chad Kroeger.

Fans had a surprise when Steel Panther urged them to encourage Miley Cyrus to join them on stage to sing along with a cover-version of the Def Leppard song ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’! Billy Ray also joined in with the song.

The House of Blues, Sunset Strip has been popular with musicians as it combined a bigger room than most Hollywood clubs, but kept a feeling of intimacy. It had a reputation of good sound and lighting and was often a showcase for bands to perform infront of a packed audience. The West Hollywood venue was opened in 1994 by Isaac Tigrett and business partner, actor Dan Akroyd.

Many famous musicians have performed at the venue previously, including Joe Strummer, Tupac (who played his last performance there) Johnny Cash and Aerosmith.

The House of Blues, Sunset Strip also contains a restaurant and an eclectic museum. It is said to be set for demolishment to make way for a complex including a hotel, rentals and condos. The collection of folk and indian art is hoped to be conserved by Live Nation.

A new entertainment venue is however planned to be included in the complex. Other House of Blues locations that still remain open include Anaheim and San Diego, and The House of Blues, Sunset Strip is said to be reopening at a new location.