Everybody Wants Some, You’ll Want Some of This Film Fun Too

Everybody Wants Some, You'll Want Some of This Film Fun Too

Photo Credit: Mic

Nostalgic in the best sense, this “spiritual sequel” to 1993’s cult classic Dazed and Confused, was released nationwide on Wednesday, March 30, to rave reviews.

The “acutely funny, achingly perceptive retro-sociology lesson,” as Variety’s Justin Chang writes, follows a team of ’80s college baseball players who are learning to be bros at a small Texas University.

The director and writer Richard Linklater, now 55, was once a baseball jock makes things particularly personal, bringing the audience to a close, inside look at the era.

Alynda Wheat writes for People that one could view the movie, “from an anthropological perspective, given its meticulous study of heterosexual college males in their natural state, circa 1980, often engaged in establishing social hierarchy or the pursuit of mating. Or, you could just go and have a damned good time. I strongly suggest the latter.”

Everybody Wants Some!!, is so good-natured and sweet,”she adds, and “so confident in its understanding of time and place, so unrelentingly funny, you won’t want to leave.”

With so many “bro-style” comedies over the years, getting one to standout is no easy task, but Linklater manages to make it happen. Why?

Wheat says the secret is “how hard the film works to make it look like it’s not working hard at all.”

It’s not forced. Linklater has not only an innate understanding of the times, but just how the people interact. From the music and the clothes, to the cars and the setting, the film seamlessly transports the audience back to 1980.

Chang summarizes: “Everybody Wants Some!! itself may be an elaborate game of ’80s dress-up, but its artifice becomes its own form of authenticity, right down to its perfect final shot: For the better part of two hours it conjures a vision of the past so alive you can just about touch and smell it — and then it slips away, dreamlike, as though back to the decade whence it came.”

With a 95% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it does seem that just about everybody wants some, and odds are, you will too.