Dirty Grandpa Slammed as ‘Distasteful Garbage’

Dirty Grandpa Slammed as 'Distasteful Garbage'

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Robert De Niro seems to take on just about any role he’ll get paid for, especially these days, and while Dirty Grandpa certainly isn’t his first comedic part, it may be his worst.

Robert is a master of comedic timing, the problem is that his comedies typically don’t ask very much of him – he’s only there to be “De Niro.”

In this case, Variety’s Nick Schager says, “De Niro gives it his best raunchy effort as a senior citizen who convinces his stuck-up preppy grandson (Zac Efron) to take him to Florida. His commitment to the role, however, is far more than it—or the film—deserves, as its sub-‘Hangover’ juvenilia is almost as excruciating as its basic construction is sloppy.”


Cleveland.com writes that it seems Robert would “rather be on a movie set than breathe oxygen,” and notes that Dirty Grandpa is a “perfect example of a filmmaker (Dan Mazer, who’s prior credits include directing WTF America) who, unsure of his comedy chops, goes for outrageous filth and threadbare cliches instead of reality-based characters.

“The vulgarity is piled on here like a pastrami sandwich from Slyman’s Deli. The script is carpet-bombed with dirty, genital sex talk in lieu of crafted comedy writing.”

Stephen Whitty of the New York Daily News gives the film one star, calling it “another unfunny Robert De Niro debacle.” Whitty writes, “…all I could think was “WTF De Niro?”

“This movie has almost nothing redeeming. And it’s flat out gross,” he continues, summarizing it as “The filthiest comedy you’re likely to see — or, if you take my advice, not see… A lot of people will confuse Dirty Grandpa with Bad Grandpa, the film with Johnny Knoxville and Jackson Nicoll. The good news is that there’s an easy way to tell them apart: Bad Grandpa was funny.”

If you’re wondering if the film received any positive reviews, Rotten Tomatoes currently reveals that just 6% gave it a thumbs up – likely the same viewers who enjoyed movies like Adam Sandler’s “Grown Ups 2,” considered one of the worst of all time—and that was rated 7% on the Tomatometer.