Deadpool: Hysterical, Violent and Definitely Not for Kids

Deadpool: Hysterical, Violent and Definitely Not for Kids

Photo Credit: Fox Movies

Deadpool, the much-anticipated anti-superhero movie starring Ryan Reynolds based on the Marvel comic book character, is being called the best comic book film starring a Marvel character ever by fans who’ve already been privileged to see it.

When Fox held special advanced fan events in New York City and Los Angeles last month, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Twitter was filled with gleeful comments like:

But don’t even think about bringing your kids.

Deadpool is a very different kind of Marvel superhero film. Insanely hilarious, insanely perverse and insanely violent. notes that it’s known for being very bloody and gory, which is the reason why fans had hoped for an R rating – if it received a PG-13, it would be “like almost every other superhero movie,” and a “watered down version of the beloved character.”

Fan Lucas Siegel summed it up by writing, “The violence is definitely crazy, definitely over-the-top, and definitely gory. But it’s also well-choreographed, and some of these action sequences are so quick and stunning, you can’t blink for minutes at a time, for fear of missing the next unbelievable stunt. It’s a blast to watch, and impressive – it ramps up nicely, as well, from a familiar opening sequence to the explosive finale.”

“This is clearly not your comic-book movie of yesteryear,” writes Parade’s Neil Pond, “or even yesterday, and Deadpool is no clean-cut Captain America.”

“Randy, raw and gleefully gritty, nastier, bloodier, more violent and riotously raunchier than any Marvel movie ever, Deadpool is just what a lot of fans have been waiting for — especially if they’ve been waiting for a “superhero” who swears, farts, babbles, jokes, listens to Wham!, loves unicorns, enjoys rough sex…and sure seems to get into his job a lot more than Thor, Batman or Superman ever did,” Pond adds.

Deadpool is the ultimate fan film – made for fans, by fans, with the very public backing of Ryan Reynolds, and while there may be a few too many inappropriate jokes, the Seattle Times’ Soren Andersen explains, “It’s kind of like one of those monster mousse cake desserts you find at franchise restaurants: a slab the size of an Alp loaded with layers of chocolate and whipped cream. You know it’s too, too much. You know it’s bad for you. You know you shouldn’t enjoy it so much. Except you can’t help yourself. It’s a tasty, guilty treat.”

Deadpool crashed into theaters everywhere on Friday.