Critics Slam New Sitcom ‘One Big Happy’

One Big Happy

Despite an array of negative reviews from critics, new sitcom One Big Happy received an overall warm reception from audiences last night.

The new Ellen Degeneres-produced and Liz Feldman-written show tells the story of Lizzy, a lesbian woman who is trying to have a baby with her live-in best friend, a straight man named Luke.

In the first episode, which aired last night, Luke meets and marries the love of his life, Prudence, and she moves in. Meanwhile, Lizzy finds out she’s pregnant.

The show stars Elisha Cuthbert, of Happy Endings fame, Nick Zano, as seen in Happy Endings and Two Broke Girls, and British actress Kelly Brook, known for the film Piranha 3D.

Reviewers have torn the sitcom apart, with the New York Times describing it as “intelligence-insulting” and full of dialogue resembling “chatter at a 13-year-old boy’s birthday.”

Others called it “one big mess” with writers who must be obsessed with bodily functions. Other adjectives thrown about included, “wooden,” “irritating” and “phony.”

But the majority of viewers who took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the show thought it was well-written and entertaining – perhaps critics are overestimating the average American television viewer?

While there was definitely some criticism leveled at the show, for the most part tweeters said it was funny and refreshing.

Others viewers were appreciative of a lesbian lead on a mainstream, prime time television show.

Though the feedback was largely positive, there were those who were inclined to agree with the critics.

Producer Ellen seemed to expect a somewhat negative reception to the show, essentially saying during an interview with the One Big Happy cast on her talk show that it would get better.

“You just have to get so much information across [in the pilot] to explain all the characters and set the whole thing up, but every show gets funnier and funnier.”

Only time will tell…