Best Christmas Films on Netflix

Best Christmas Films on Netflix

Photo Credit: Slash Film

Christmas, the biggest holiday of the year is also the one to inspire the most films. Hundreds of Christmas films exist and even more incorporate the Christmas season in a minor way.

While many of us are home for the holidays with a bit of spare time on our hands, why not settle in for one of these Christmas films on Netflix.

A Very Murray Christmas

While it was only just released this year, A Very Murray Christmas, starring Billy Murray, is sure to become a holiday classic. Featuring musical guests like Miley Cyrus and actor George Clooney, it’s more variety show than traditional film.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Part Halloween movie, part Christmas movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a family favorite. Tim Burton’s specific blend of gothic mise en scene, paired with stop motion animation makes for a delightful, yet unexpected Christmas masterpiece.

White Christmas

One of the best and most beloved Christmas movies of all time, White Christmas will warm even the tiniest, coldest Grinch heart. A musical comedy from 1954 featuring Bing Cosby and Rosemary Clooney, White Christmas will have you singing along and in the Christmas spirit.

Love Actually

Love Actually is the romantic comedy to end all romantic comedies, while also happening to be a Christmas movie. The film focuses on the stories of ten sets of people and how their love stories intertwine. Best watched with a loved one snuggled up by the fire.

Bad Santa

Definitely the crudest one in the bunch, Bad Santa is a Christmas film with edge and dirty humor. Santa is a drunken con man played by Billy Bob Thornton who actually thinks he can get away with robbing department stores during Christmas. You’ll never look at Santa the same way again.