Bones Returns for Its 11th Season

Bones Returns for Its 11th Season

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Bones returned Thursday for its 11th season at 8 pm eastern on Fox with a two-part premiere, “The Loyalty In the Lie,” that picks up six months after the events of the season 10 finale. Booth, Brennan and their two kids were living what seemed to be an idyllic life, far away from all of the murders and mayhem they encountered before.

When we last saw them, Booth and Brennan were saying goodbye to their job and friends in order to make a fresh start – and, there was a good chance we’d never see any of them again either, as the episode was intended to double as a series finale, since the show’s renewal came down to the wire.

The good news for Bones fans is that their quiet life doesn’t last for long with the show’s return and a new case that happens to have personal ties to the crime-solving duo, pulling them back into their old life and a return to the Jeffersonian.

Emily Deschanel, who of course plays Brennan, explained to Entertainment Weekly, “As much as the death and violence and murder can get to somebody, it really seems like this is kind of their purpose in life.”

Everyone’s favorite forensic anthropologist is brought in for FBI questioning by new guest star Kim Raver when special agent Booth mysteriously goes missing. Kim plays FBI agent Grace Miller, who certainly knows a thing or two about going against the clock in the name of justice after spending a few “days” on 24.

“Miller is convinced that Booth is up to no good, suspecting him of things, so she’s at odds with Brennan and many of the other characters,” says Emily. The mother of two revealed to Yahoo TV that she has her own reasons for being on the case, and being suspicious of Booth – but those reasons, for now, are kept hidden.

The actress warned, “Booth has not been the ‘perfect’ guy that everyone else sees him as. She rightfully brings up a lot of his past, and that’s where a lot of the contention comes in.”

Series writer Jonathan Collier said that “Season 11 is all about shaking things up,” adding, “We’re challenging every relationship, every character,” while Emily chimed in, “Fans will not be disappointed.”