Best Moments From the American Idol Finale

American Idol best moments

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Last year, when it was announced that Season 15 of American Idol would be its last (for now!), fans, past judges, and contestants alike lamented over the imminent end of the show and what it might be like. Now a new winner has been crowned and it’s all finally over.

If goodbyes aren’t your thing, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with some of the best moments from the finale.

President Obama

Even the Commander in Chief bid his farewell to the long reign of American Idol with a special introductory message. Aside from praising the show and its trailblazing format, POTUS pointed out the fact that Idol got the young people of America interested in voting. In fact, more people have voted for American Idol contestants than presidential candidates — ever. Since it is an election year, President Obama urged everyone to continue that enthusiasm to have their voices heard by registering and casting their vote for the next President of the United States.

Performances From Past Finalists and Winners

The night would not be complete without past finalists and winners coming back to perform. From Kelly Clarkson’s medley of hit singles, to Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban’s killer duet of “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around,” to Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, and LaToya London’s reverent version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” the Idol alumni reminded America why they loved them.

The Original Judges Reunited

While it was announced at the end of last year that former judges would be returning for the finale, few suspected that all three original judges would return together. While Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul did try to punk the audience into thinking that Simon Cowell couldn’t make it, the controversial judge surprised everyone by showing up and even getting emotional during the mini reunion.

Jennifer Lopez Killed It

J-Lo was as fierce as ever when performing her brand new single “Ain’t Your Mama,” dressed as a scantily clad housewife in an apron and kerchief. The song, written by Grammy Award winning Best New Artist, Meghan Trainor, debuted on iTunes earlier in the day. As J-Lo strut her stuff across the stage, she tore the kerchief off her head and launched into an especially energetic version of her steamy salsa-dance hit, “Lets Get Loud.”

The 15th and Final Idol is Crowned

Let’s not forget why viewers have stuck with the show for so long. It is a competition, after all, and someone has to win. Although some fans disagreed with the choice for this year’s winner (as usual), America’s 15th Idol is now and forever Trent Harmon.