Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Made for Action Lovers, Not Comic Fans

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Made for Action Lovers, Not Comic Fans

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The first reviews for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice have been rolling in, and the consensus among comic fans is that it was not made for them. Critics haven’t been all that positive either – at last check Rotten Tomatoes critic rating was a paltry 33% – thick into “rotten” territory.

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone writes, “In the battle between Batman and Superman, I pick Wonder Woman for the win. It’s not that the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel don’t get in their licks in Zack Snyder’s Freudian free-for-all between two mama’s boys — it’s just that Gal Gadot’s wowza of a Wonder Woman is the kick-ass revelation at this party.”

Still, Travers is one of the few critics who was mostly positive, giving it three out of four stars.

In most cases, however, instead of battling each other, Batman and Superman may need to come together to fend off the film critics.

Self-confessed Man of Steel fan, The Telegraph’s Robbin Collin was less than pleased. He writes, “Marvel can rest easy. Zack Snyder’s superhero spectacle is a meatheaded, humorless mess that squanders its cast and makes little sense.”

Collin even goes as far as saying, “No major blockbuster in years has been this incoherently structured.”

Forbes’ superhero fan Scott Mendelson wasn’t exactly positive either. He describes how the convoluted plot “will hurt your brain and break your heart.”

The Times Kate Muir explains, “This superhero-smorgasbord directed by Zack Snyder melts into an electric soup of CGI. Effects are so overused that any conviction explodes in a giant fireball — indeed endless fireballs. The result is an enervating two and a half hours.”

There is a common thread among most comic fans, and if it had to be summed up in one word, it would be: disappointment.

Alex Abad-Santos writes for Vox: “this movie is a crime against comic book fans,” adding, that it “fails to deliver on its promise,” while Geek’s Meredith Placko says it wasn’t meant for either comic book fans or critics, it was “made for the every day, action-loving movie goer.”

The big question with many was focused around “Why Ben Affleck,” but it seems to be quite clear early on in the movie that it was the wrong question, says Film School Rejects’ Neil Miller. “It’s not, ‘Why Ben Affleck?’ It should have been, ‘Why Zack Snyder?’

Affleck does a decent job, it’s the writing that fails him.