Allegiant Falls Short of Its Predecessors

Allegiant Falls Short of Its Predecessors

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“While the locations may have changed and the characters each get new tattoos, there’s really nothing very divergent about Allegiant,” says The Hollywood Reporter of the third in the Divergent series, based on Veronica Roth’s bestselling trilogy.

When the highlight of a film is said to be its production design, it doesn’t bode for much in the way of exciting entertainment, in fact the consensus among critics is that the series is losing steam with this one, and that it’s “dull and lifeless.”

At the same time, fans will still flock to see it, if only to see how Allegiant sets everything up for the upcoming Ascendant next year.

Jordan Mintzer writes, “Any movie where, about 20 minutes in, the lead character says, ‘I think we’re finally going to be okay,’ guarantees this is not going to happen, yet it takes Tris (Shailene Woodley) a good hour to figure that out while everyone in the audience is already several beats ahead of her.”

“The story heads in predictable directions and does so with little ingenuity or wit, even if Teller’s snarky Peter is there to inject random touches of humor into such a self-serious enterprise,” Mintzer adds.

The L.A. Times’ Kenneth Turan says the “first part is mildly diverting, unsophisticated fare that takes liberties with the original novel yet still stumbles on confusing exposition that doesn’t really make complete sense even when it’s taken from the book.”

He summarizes with “because the series’ plot reveal turns out to be more confusing than compelling, and because turning a novel into two films invariably leads to inflated productions, only the most devoted fans of the book will pledge allegiance to what’s on the screen.”

While the first half of the film is fairly strong, most feel the second half really drags – in fact, so much so that at least one moviegoer fell asleep and began snoring, according to a recent report, which seems to sum up the way many feel.

Scott Chitwood writes on, “If you liked the first two movies, then Allegiant is worth checking out at the very least on TV. It’s the weakest of the three films, but hopefully it tees up the fourth film for a big finish.”

The Advocate’s Lindsey Bahr took her disappointment a step further, giving Allegiant just one out of five stars, writing that it’s become “as dull as our heroine Tris’ shapeless, grey Abnegation frocks from the first pic.”

“Unless the filmmakers really try to shake things up for the next and final film,” she adds, “this series might just end up being as forgettable as those duds, too.”