Adele Announces North American Tour

Adele Announces North American Tour

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Adele has made the official announcement that she will be kicking off a North American tour starting next summer. The 2016 tour will start off in St. Paul Minnesota in July, and will continue on to Chicago, Denver, Vancouver, Seattle, San Jose, Oakland, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Boston, New York, Washington, D.C., Nashville, and Dallas, as well as some other stops.

Since releasing her album 25 Adele has been taking over the music world as the album has steadily been breaking all kinds of records.

The album has been in the number one spot for the three weeks since its release, and it has sold 5.19 million albums. Sales have consistently been over 650,000 each week for three times in a row, which is the first time that’s ever happened. Four other albums have hit those numbers in three different weeks, but not their first three weeks. 25 is the only album to sell over 5 million copies since 2011.

Music tours are actually becoming more important for artists with the invention of music streaming services that don’t make them as much money as album sales. The tour tickets therefore, and even the merchandise sold at them, is crucial for artist success in the current music climate. Endorsements are also important.

Rob Light, who is the managing partner at Creative Artists Agency has spoken out about how successful concerts have been lately.

“When you spend your life tethered to something electronic, the only thing that takes you out of that is community, and live music is the basis of community. Social media and digital allows you to enhance that community experience. As a worldwide culture, people want to share that, and I really believe live music becomes a little more important because of that.”