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8 TV Shows That Shouldn’t Have Been Cancelled

Veronica Mars

Considering the quality many of the shows on TV these days, it’s a shame that some of the good shows out there ended up being cancelled.

Whether because of low ratings or being overtaken by smut TV, there have been a lot of shows that never made it past a few seasons, or were dumped due to their subject matter being somehow more offensive than watching 20-somethings get wasted and sleep with as many people as they can every Thursday night.

Here are some of the shows (in no particular order) that we just can’t seem to forget about, and mourn with great sadness.

1. Veronica Mars (2004-2007)

Starring a young Kristen Bell, Veronica Mars was a series that followed the goings on of a sheriff’s daughter who is motivated to begin investigating crimes on her own following the death of her best friend.

The cool thing about Veronica Mars was that she would solve little cases while focusing on a more puzzling mystery that would ultimately be squashed by the end of each season. The show was doing quite well when the channel it aired on, UPN, was shut down in 2006.

Luckily, this young adult TV drama was picked up along with a slew of others by The CW, but the overall framework of the show was reworked, and the one big mystery each season was nixed in favour of smaller ones. Sadly, the series was put on hold for, of all things, a reality show surrounding the lives of those aspiring to be Pussycat Dolls.

The ratings never recovered, and it was decided that Veronica would not be coming back for a fourth season. However, they did make a movie before bowing out altogether.