You’d Never Guess These 8 Celebrities Had Drug Problems

Demi Moore

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Drug addiction is a common thing in the world of celebrities, and hard-partying lifestyles regularly make tabloid headlines. Even so, there’s a long list of celebs who have struggled with drug problems away from the glare of the spotlight. In some cases, stars have managed to maintain a clean public image for years while secretly descending into the throes of addiction. Here are eight such surprising cases.

1. Demi Moore

Moore has managed to keep her troubled past under the radar, but during the 1980s, she struggled with a cocaine habit that nearly resulted in her getting axed from the cast of the 1985 Joel Schumacher-directed hit St. Elmo’s Fire. Moore has worked hard to clean up her image, and has been very successful in her efforts – so successful, in fact, that very few of her fans are aware of her past struggles with substance abuse.