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8 Wealthiest Pop Stars

Mariah Carey

Photo Credit: Getty Images

It is interesting to try and determine the wealthiest pop stars because that list changes often. After all, only a few years ago, Justin Bieber was not a household name and certainly not one of the top-selling pop stars of his era, but today that has all changed and he frequently appears in lists of wealthiest musical acts.

If we want to discover the eight wealthiest pop stars within the past year, that list will, naturally, include familiar names with current hits in the charts. If, on the other hand, we are thinking more along the lines of the wealthiest pop stars of all time, some of the names may not be as familiar to modern music fans. In fact, the average age range for the world’s leading earners is 33 to 72!

Because it makes for such interesting reading, though, let’s take time to look at the biggest earners in the music industry over the decades. For many years, Sir Paul McCartney was the undisputed champion of earnings, but has since dropped out of the number one slot. So, who is the reigning earner? Read on to find out.

#8 – Mariah Carey

Our countdown starts with the “We Belong Together” songstress, Mariah Carey. Appearing often at the top of the pop charts for more than 20 years, the singer/songwriter has sold over 200 million singles and albums around the world, won countless awards, served as a judge on American Idol, starred in films, and is noted as the biggest selling artist of all time on the Billboard charts. She has also, wisely, created a perfume and nail polish brand to nurture her wealth, and is currently worth more than $500 million.