You Can Watch Shia LaBeouf Watch All of His Movies

You Can Watch Shia LaBeouf Watch All of His Movies

Photo Credit: Nerdist

Shia LaBeouf is known for coming up with some surprising life choices, specifically when it comes to his love for performance art. This time the actor’s plan is to watch every movie that he’s ever been in back to back…and let strangers watch him do it.

He has invited people to come witness this spectacle in person where it is taking place at the Angelika Film Center in New York City, but most people will probably opt for the easier option of watching on livestream. The event began on November 10 at 12 PM.

The project is being called #AllMyMovies, and is pretty much just that. It will take 72 hours for Shia to get through the entire catalogue of his 30 films, which includes the lesser known films as well as the blockbusters such as Transformers, Lawless, and Fury. He won’t be taking any breaks, and the movies will be watched in reverse chronological order.

If you’re planning to check out the livestream, you can expect to basically just see Shia’s face while he watches the movies. There is no sound and no commentary, just Shia. He’s already been spotted eating popcorn in classic movie theater fashion.

As for why exactly he’s doing this it’s a little hard to say. The piece is a collaboration with artists Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner, who he also worked with on his project #IAMSSORRY where the actor sat in a room in Los Angeles with a bag over his head that read  “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE.”

Perhaps it will be interesting to tune in to the livestream when Shia undoubtedly gets a little tired of sitting in the same seat, doing nothing but watching himself.