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8 Commonly Typecast Celebrities

John Wayne

Photo Credit: Express

Think of some of the world’s biggest names in movies and entertainment. Chances are, a large portion of your list would be stars who are persistently typecast. The word means just as it sounds, describing an actor who repeatedly receives similar roles, but in some instances, stars are so frequently typecast that their roles and their actual identities almost seem to merge.

Of course, we (the audience) are usually to blame for the phenomenon. We love a star in a certain role, and this brings them to their epic level of celebrity or fame, and we then just cannot bear to see them as anything else. Let’s look at eight typecast celebrities who struggle with this (or who struggled with it in the past), and see just how it is we, as the audiences, who also insist that they remain in such roles.

1. John Wayne

Perhaps no one can be used to illustrate this point more solidly than the late John Wayne.

The star of scores of westerns, “The Duke”, born Marion Morrison (yes, Marion), was a high school sports star who won a full ride scholarship (as a football player) to USC. A broken collarbone derailed his college ambitions, and he was soon acting in B-movies, and mostly westerns. The combination was magical, and though he was among the first “singing cowboys” (yes, John Wayne in a western musical), he was soon changed into the iconic hero and nearly legendary star.

Can you picture John in a top hat and tails, as one of the Three Musketeers, or anything other than a cowboy? No, and yet he is not the only star who has ended up the victim chronic typecasting.