Taylor Swift’s Best Moments of 2015

Midnight in Times Square

Photo Credit: Getty Images

To be realistic, most of us thought that 2014 was the Year of Taylor Swift. After all, her album 1989 was a huge hit, breaking all kinds of records she just couldn’t seem to stop winning awards, and her many social media successes proved she had the world in the palm of her hand. And yet 2015 was pretty spectacular for Taylor as well.

If you try to sum up the best moments of 2015 for the singer and songwriter, you have a hefty list of choices that should make the cut. However, it would be pretty fair to say that of Taylor Swift’s best moments of 2015, the best would have to be when she wakes up each day and realizes that she’s Taylor Swift … right? Okay, maybe she’s used to that by now, and so a real list of her best moments in 2015 has to include the following 15:

1. Midnight in Times Square

What better way to begin the year on a high note than by entertaining at the world’s largest New Year’s Eve celebration? She was the biggest name on the stage, and despite freezing temperatures, she managed to heat things up and entertain millions of viewers around the globe. That’s certainly one “top” moment for the year, and especially because the year was only a few minutes old!