Big Night for Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Three awards, two little black dresses and one incredible performance with the biggest pop icon of all time: Taylor Swift had a big night at the iHeartRadio Music Awards last night.

She started the evening by winning the award for Best Lyrics for her song Blank Space – the lyrics of which, ironically, were widely misunderstood.

“This is amazing because writing lyrics is my favorite part of my job,” she said as she accepted the statue.

“I would like to clarify that the line is actually, ‘Got a long list of ex lovers,’” she added, in reference to widespread belief that the line in her song said “Starbucks lovers.”

Later in the evening Taylor appeared onstage with Madonna, playing guitar as the Queen of Pop sang her new song Ghosttown. Taylor was apparently a little bit excited about this.

Madonna later presented Taylor with the award for Song of the Year for her hit song Shake It Off. Shortly after Taylor was announced the winner of the night’s biggest accolade, Artist of the Year.

Her acceptance speech was dedicated to her fans.

“More than anything in the world I just hope that any of the fans who are watching know how much I adore you, how much I put you first,” she said.

“I just love you, I will see you on the road you guys, thank you so much!” Taylor’s rumored boyfriend, DJ Calvin Harris, also took home a heart-topped statue, winning Dance Song of the Year for his hit Summer.

All in all, a pretty big night for Taylor. She’s taking it in her stride, though.