Stallone Denies Rumors Rambo to Take on ISIS

Stallone Denies Rumors Rambo to Take on ISIS

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Actor Sylvester Stallone has denied rumors that the next movie in the Rambo franchise will see the former Special Forces soldier take on ISIS.

Sylvester is following in buddy Arnold Schwarzenegger’s franchise footsteps, reprising his role as John Rambo for the fifth time for the upcoming Rambo: Last Blood. The star will also direct the movie, which looks to be the final instalment in the series.

A rumor started circulating yesterday suggesting the film would follow Rambo to Syria, where he would face his most menacing enemy yet: the militant group the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

A representative for Sylvester has since denied the rumor, but it has at least brought the upcoming movie back into the spotlight.

Regardless of whether the Rambo plot rumors are true, there is no denying that 69-year-old Sly has a hectic schedule at the moment. His projects include Creed, which explores a new chapter in the Rocky story and The Expendables 4.

There is no official release date as yet for Rambo: Last Blood, but Sylvester Stallone fans can look forward to the release of Creed on November 25th 2015.