Shia LaBeouf Is Hitchhiking Across the Country with His Fans

Shia LaBeouf Is Hitchhiking Across the Country with His Fans

Photo Credit: Getty Images

In another of his series of performance pieces, Shia LeBeouf has launched a new project entitled #TakeMeAnywhere. Shia is teaming back up with his artistic partners, Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner, who also worked with him on #IAmSorry where he sat in a room with a paper bag over his head, and #AllMyMovies where he livestreamed himself watching his own films.

With #TakeMeAnywhere, the Transformers actor and his team are hitchhiking across the country with the help of his fans. As of May 9, they began posting their GPS coordinates on Twitter, but it wasn’t until Monday that the project actually started.

After the GPS coordinates are posted, fans can come pick them up and take them some place of their choosing. The project had them originating near Boulder, Colorado, but Wednesday morning the posted coordinates were just outside Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Shia’s latest endeavor is supported by Frame Contemporary Art Finland and Vice. It’s also commissioned by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art as part of MediaLive 2016, which explores the theme of corruption.

When interviewed about the project by Vice, Luke Turner explained, “I guess they invited us because our work is, hopefully, combating corruption. While the networks remain full of problematic hierarchies, at the same time there’s this kind of egalitarian, Utopian ideal of the internet that remains, and we want to perhaps try to preserve and accentuate that.”

Shia, on the other hand, stated it was about “making friends” and “trying to find meaning,” continuing that “hitchhiking is really the ultimate collab.”

The project is expected to last for 30 days and is being documented in real time via their website on Vice’s server:

Along with a map of their journey, the #TakeMeAnywhere team will also post photos and videos of their temporary companions, which will become part of an exhibition at both the Finnish Institute in London and Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.