Rolling Stones Rocker Ronnie to Be Father of Twins

Rolling Stones Rocker Ronnie to Be Father of Twins

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Rock star Ronnie Wood, from rock legends The Rolling Stones is to become a father again – at the age of 68!

Although Ronnie already is father to four children, the twins he is expecting will be his first offspring with his 37 year old wife Sally Humphreys, who he married back in 2012.

Ronnie and Sally married six months after meeting backstage at the Theatre Royal in London where Sally was working, with Ronnie’s good pal Rod Stewart as best man.

Rod Stewart, who has eight children, also became a father in his 60’s, to his most recent son Aiden who was born in 2011 when Rod was 66.

The age difference of 31 years between Ronnie and Sally doesn’t seem a concern at all and the couple are delighted with the news especially as they have been reported as trying for a baby for some time.

Sally (who owns a theatre production company) is expecting the twins, which are her first babies next June. She is Ronnie’s third wife. Sally and Ronnie’s twins will become part of a large family, as Sally has four stepchildren as well as nine grandchildren since marrying Ronnie.

Ronnie Wood who is famous as a guitarist, and vocalist also with bands including The Faces, has hit the headlines recently for his artwork which was on display at an exhibition at the Walmark Gallery in Sweden. Some pieces commemorated his shows at England’s Glastonbury and Hyde Park.

He appears to be in good health at present as he is preparing to tour South America in February and March next year with The Rolling Stones. Frontman Mick Jagger has penned some songs for a forthcoming album which the band could start recording as early as next Spring.