Robert Pattinson Says Fans Aren’t a Thought

Robert Pattinson Puts Himself First When Choosing Roles

Photo Credit: Getty Images

With a breakout role like starring in Twilight it’s no surprise that Robert Pattinson has legions of devoted fans, but in a recent interview with the Associated Press he admitted that he doesn’t always put their opinions ahead of his own.

“I don’t think about it at all,” the 29 year-old explained when asked about his decision making.

“I will go through periods where I will think, ‘Oh, maybe I should do a commercial movie,’ ” he went on. “And then I just think, someone gave me a really great piece of advice – someone from my agency, weirdly – they said the only clients that are happy are the ones that just do what they want to do. So I just kind of do everything for myself.”

Most recently making those decisions for himself led Robert to accepting a role in the film Life, where he plays the photographer Dennis Stock. The film is about the relationship between the photographer and a young version of the Hollywood icon James Dean as he reaches the brink of superstardom. Robert of course can relate to the experience, and likens his own experience of rising to fame as “incredibly strange to me and really fun.”