Pamela Anderson Fully Recovers from Hep C

Pamela Anderson Fully Recovers from Hep C

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Former Bay Watch actress Pamela Anderson has been battling the virus hepatitis C since 2002 when she allegedly contracted it from sharing a tattoo needle. Now however, she is speaking out about her complete recovery from the disease and hopes to help other suffering in any way that she can.

Pamela’s recovery came thanks to an antiviral medication that is approved by the FDA. To be considered completely recovered from the virus, her blood needed to come back free of hep C three to six months after completing the antiviral treatment. Luckily it did just that, and she expressed that it did so without any side effects. Pamela shared the news to her Instagram account with a throwback photo in all her naked glory.

She mentions in her post that she hopes more people can afford treatment, which is one of the biggest barriers that most people face when they contract these types of things. Currently some of the antiviral medications on the market can run around $1,000 per each pill, so it’s easy to imagine running up quite the medical bill in no time.

There is not yet a vaccination to prevent hep C, so using precautions such as not sharing needles or other items is currently the best way to prevent the disease. Hopefully Pamela’s willingness to discuss her experience and support the community will bringĀ attention to the focus that beating the virus truly deserves.