Olivia Newton-John’s Missing Boyfriend Found?

Olivia Newton-John’s Missing Boyfriend Found?

Photo Credit:Independent

Eleven years ago, right after they split up, Olivia Newton-John’s boyfriend, Patrick McDermott went missing. Patrick had chartered a boat in Los Angeles to do some sport fishing only to vanish without a trace, leaving all his belongings on board.

Now, nearly six years after the last bit of intel on his disappearance was shared publicly, lead investigators Philip Klein and John Nazarian, told the Australian version of Woman’s Day magazine, that Patrick was indeed alive and well in Sayulita, a Mexican beach town.

“Patrick’s probably now working in the yachting industry for a high-profile family down there,” Klein told Woman’s Day, while Nazarian claims that Patrick has settled in with a German woman.

Meanwhile, Patrick’s ex-wife, Yvette Nipar, claims Klein never showed her family any concrete proof that Patrick was indeed alive. In 2012, she wrote to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, urging him to stop selling Klein’s book about Patrick’s disappearance, Lost at Sea: The Hunt for Patrick McDermott.

A coast guard investigation concluded that Patrick likely drowned, but the circumstances surrounding his disappearance were too fishy to let be. Patrick was bankrupt with unpaid debts totaling over $30,000, including $8000 in child support to his ex-wife for the care of their son, Chase.

Amid evidence that Patrick had a motive for faking his death and as continual sightings of the former cameraman were reported in Mexico, Philip Klein and other private investigators hired by the show, Dateline NBC, went looking for him in 2009.

After setting up a website called FindPatrickMcDermott.com, they noticed a particularly large amount of activity near Puerta Vallarta. Klein alleged Patrick was living under his birth name, Pat Kim. A representative for Patrick reportedly sent a fax to Klein in 2010 asking that no further investigation take place as Patrick committed no crime and wanted to be left alone.

So why did Klein continue to work on the case and not release any information to the press for six years?

It could be that no hard proof was available until now. Even more likely however, is that the information was released in order to boost the sales of his book on Patrick.

Klein appeared on the Nancy Grace show Tuesday night, where she discussed the new information with him along with an investigative reporter and two lawyers. However, he still did not provide any documents or photos confirming that Patrick is truly alive and well in Mexico.