Russian Fan Makes Life-Size Leonardo DiCaprio Statue

Russian Fan Makes Life-Size Leonardo DiCaprio Statue

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Although the initial buzz that Leonardo DiCaprio finally got his first Oscar this year may be dying down a bit in some parts of the world, it seems that fans still can’t get enough of The Revenant star.

Now that the news is good for Leo after winning the Best Actor statue for The Revenant — his sixth nomination for an Oscar in total — a fan has gone one step further to celebrate his Oscar success by making a statue of him, which is life-size and made of flower paste to proudly demonstrate their admiration.

The statue of Leo, which has been described by some as “creepy”, is dressed in a tuxedo and holding a replica Academy Award.

It is currently on display at the Centre of Unmodern Art Na Strelke in Moscow and is drawing attention from fans as they eagerly take photos with it.

Perhaps Leonardo DiCaprio’s Russian popularity partly stems from back in 2010, when he donated $1 million to the Wildlife Conservation Society at Russia’s tiger summit. His persistence to attend the event, despite encountering problems with delayed planes led the then Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to describe him as a “real man” (muzhik).

Prior to his win this year in Siberia, his female fans were so concerned that Leo would return from the Academy Awards ceremony empty handed yet again, they were actually making him their own hand-held consolation statue with melted down jewelry; so he would get an award either way!

When Leonardo DiCaprio won the Oscar, he actually broke social medial records, as the moment became the most tweeted about moment in history. 440,000 tweets per minute referred to his win.

He seemed very proud, relieved and happy as he later took the statue to be engraved for the first time as Oscars are initially handed out blank at the time of the ceremony.

It is not yet clear if Leonardo Dicaprio is aware of the flower-paste statue, or what his opinion about it is!