Lady Gaga Named Woman of the Year

Lady Gaga Named Woman of the Year

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Billboard has announced that Lady Gaga has been named Woman of the Year, and will be honored at the annual Woman in Music event. The event will air on the Lifetime channel in December for the first time.

The magazine made a statement about why Gaga was chosen for the honor, including the six Grammy’s that she has won and the many other milestones she has hit within the industry.

The singer took to her Twitter to express her gratitude about the honor.

Other women in the industry who have been given the award in previous years include Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Pink, and Katy Perry.

Besides making huge strides within the music industry, Lady Gaga has always been a big advocate for doing charity and support work of many kinds.

Recently she released a song entitled “Till it Happens to You” which is about sexual assault, and she will be donating a portion of the money earned from the song to organizations that aim to help people who have gone through such trials.

In other entertainment news, Lady Gaga will be making an appearance on this season of American Horror Story: Hotel. This will be the acting debut for the singer.

Liz Gateley, who is the executive vice president and head of programming at Lifetime spoke out about choosing Lady Gaga for this years award.

“We’re delighted to partner with Billboard on this special event, bringing it to a mass audience for the first time ever. Lady Gaga is an extraordinary artist, emblematic of the strength, courage and fortitude that Lifetime celebrates, and we are thrilled to offer our platform to recognize her in every way she deserves.”