Lady Gaga Meets Prince Harry with Sequined Eyebrows

Lady Gaga and Prince Harry

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Lady Gaga and Prince Harry met for the first time yesterday at a gala concert in London and the pop star dressed for the occasion with a low-cut dress and jazzed up eyebrows.

Gaga performed alongside legendary crooner Tony Bennett at the concert to support the WellChild charity.

“We think you are fantastic,” Gaga told the prince at their meeting.

Prince Harry complimented Gaga’s energy on stage, to which she replied that 88-year-old Tony, who was friends with the prince’s mother Diana, could run circles around her.

The pair explained their unlikely collaboration for the new jazz album Cheek to Cheek to the prince, saying Tony had seen Gaga perform and immediately decided they had to work together.

Known for her fashion almost as much as for her hits, Gaga lived up to her reputation by wearing a sequined dress with a plunging neckline – with eyebrows to match! Prince Harry kept things quite smart yet casual with a blue suit, white shirt and no tie.

Prince Harry commented that it was a shame more WellChild children could not attend the concert because the performance was held in the evening, and Gaga replied that she would be coming to meet them another day.

The proceeds from the event will be a massive boost for the WellChild charity. Their chairman, John Evans praised Prince Harry saying, “He’s incredibly impressive with the children.”