Kim Kardashian Launches Kimoji

Kim Kardashian Launches Kimoji

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Kim Kardashian has released her own line of emojis called “Kimoji” that she has reportedly been working on with a team with a team for the past two years. The set of emojis includes 250 different images, many of which are directly relevant to Kim including her face, body, some Yeezy boost sneakers, speech bubbles with words like “basic”, and even a waist trainer.

The $1.99 app was launched this week but apparently so many went to download it that there was an issue with the app store.

Many of Kim’s fans were tweeting the issues that they were experiencing with the app that extended beyond downloading it and for some people it just working right. Kim made sure to keep people updated throughout the process.

“We worked so hard on this app & we know there are some issues due to the massive downloads that the whole tech team is working on. My KIMOJI app will be up and running again soon! They are also working on fixing the search so u can easily find it!”

Some people might be having some issues with the app but the Kardashian family sure isn’t. Shortly after the app launched the sisters started posting screenshots of text message conversations they were having with the help of the new emojis, presumably to demonstrate how they can be fit into normal conversation and increase interest.

The app is currently the top trending app under the paid section of the app store, so it’s safe to say that some people feel like their communication will be enhanced (or at least become more entertaining) with the addition of Kim’s rear end to their emoji collection.